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September 7, 2023

Success Fishing with Pilchards in the Florida Keys!

catching pilchards in the florida keys

At Goliath Charters Key West, we hold the key to a magnificent secret that unlocks the power of pilchards, setting ablaze a frenzy of feeding that captivates both the fish and our clients. These plentiful little baitfish grace the shallows during the fall, winter, and early spring, their presence a gift from the sea.

When fortune favors us with an abundance of pilchards, we seize the opportunity to unleash their full potential. Our tried and tested technique involves utilizing these enchanting baitfish as live chum. Anchored or drifting over our chosen fishing grounds, we skillfully gather a handful of pilchards and release them with a graceful arc behind our vessel. This elegant display creates a symphony of scent and commotion, beckoning fish from far and wide.

Witness the spectacle! As the pilchards dance upon the surface, a tempest of activity ensues, as if the very soul of the ocean awakens with fervor. This is the moment, the perfect juncture, to present your baited hook or artful fly to the frenzy. The fish, enraptured by the spectacle, strike with abandon, their focus unwavering amidst the chaos. Such circumstances bestow upon our clients a greater chance of reeling in a triumphant catch.

The power of pilchards extends far beyond mere attraction; it creates an ambiance of exhilaration and dynamism, transforming the act of fishing into an extraordinary experience. To witness the feeding frenzy firsthand is to glimpse into the heart of nature’s marvels, where excitement and thrill intertwine seamlessly. It is no surprise that pilchards reign supreme as our bait of choice, for they orchestrate a tumultuous symphony of feeding frenzies around the Goliath Charters Key West vessel.

So, if you yearn for an adventure steeped in action, join us at Goliath Charters Key West. Embrace the power of pilchards as we weave their magic into a feeding frenzy that promises an indelible day upon the water.

May your lines remain taut, and your spirits soar,
Capt. Craig Clopper


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Ryan W.

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“Captain Craig with Goliath Charters is the premier captain of the keys! Every trip out with his charter has been an absolute blast. Bucket list catches , drag screaming action, and expert knowledge are what makes Captain Craig the gold standard of Charter Captains.”

Matt C.

Google Reviews
“I am still buzzing from an absolutely amazing guided trip with an extremely knowledgeable and personable captain that offers the coolest experience in catching dinosaurs. if you’re interested in fishing the florida keys in the most memorable way do not hesitate to book Capt Craig Clopper!”