Lower keys and Key West Target species

What We Catch on Our Lower Keys and Key West Backcountry Fishing Charters

The Lower Keys and backcountry waters surrounding Key West are home to some of the most sought after gamefish species on the planet! If it swims the shallow waters and mangrove shorlines of the Lower Keys – you’ve got a chance of getting tight on a fishing charter with Capt. Craig Clopper. Here’s just a sampling of some of our favorite species to target on our Lower Keys fishing charters!


The bruisers of the flats and nearshore waters, jack crevalles are pound-for-pound one of the hardest fighting fish you'll ever encounter!
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One of the "Big Three" when we talk about Florida Keys backcountry species - tarpon are on every saltwater angler's bucket list, as they should be!
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The Lower Keys has quietly has a spectacular redfish fishery. A blast to catch on light tackle and quick to take a live shrimp or lure - we simply love redfish!
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Sharks! Sharks have certainly saved more than a few days on the water and are a favorite of our younger anglers to target on light tackle in shallow water!
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Along with redfish, we have a great snooker fishery here in the Lower Keys backcountry and are blast to target with live bait and light tackle - linesiders rule!
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A favorite of Capt. Craig's and one of his true specialties is targeting goliath grouper of all sizes. From a few pounds to tackle-busting bohemoths - it's an experience!
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Thinking about what to have for dinner this evening? Not only are snapper plentiful and a great way to put the kids on fish, but they're delicious too!
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Another favorite to tackle in shallow water with either artificial or live baits, barracudas make blistering runs when hooked and can JUMP!
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Known as the "Ghosts of the Flats", bonefish are one of the most sought after gamefish species in the Florida Keys!
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